Get Ready for the Semester



I am going to give you a sticky note.  People who get the same colored sticky note are in the same group for the classroom activity today.  Please sit with your partners.  The only requirement is that at least one of you has a smartphone.  The person who has the smartphone please download a free App named “SCVNGR”.  Thanks!


Do you have any questions about the syllabus?  I will answer all your questions now.

Here are some questions from previous students.

  • Freedom–  The topics of the projects are totally up to you. You can be consistent with one topic throughout the whole semester. You can change from project to project.  You just need my approval for some projects.
  • Video Editing– I try my best to eliminate the portion of video editing, because I know it’s time-consuming.  We have at least one project– Web 2.0 tool/ Apps Project– related to video editing.
  • Late Pass– how can you earn late passes?  There are several ways…Birthday boys and girls can get one.  Good works will help you earn one.  How many can you earn? You can ear as many as possible.  And how many can you use for one project?  You can use up to two for one personal individual project and only one late for group project.  ATTENTION: the last date to use your late pass is November 11.  That means no late pass for the last project.
  • And one thing I didn’t put in syllabus is about our communication.  I will ask you to provide your primary email account next week.  I use email as a main channel to communicate with my students.  However, please email me by 10 PM unless it’s an emergency.  Sometimes my students email me after midnight or in the morning and tell me that they need something for the course projects.  I am sorry that I can’t get it prepared for you in that case.


This class is about technology, right?  So we are going to try some technology tools once in a while. The tool we are going to try today is a scavenger hunt app.  I will use the images to explain.

IMG_0991 IMG_0990 IMG_0989 IMG_0988IMG_0992

OK. Are you all ready?  The first team that completed all the 4 challenges and come back to the classroom will earn a late pass.


I learned a little bit about you by reading your student information sheet.  However, I still can’t remember your face and name yet.  Therefore, we are going to create the digital business card.

The tool we are going to use for this project is called ” About Me”.  Please go to their website– and create your account.

Here are some examples.

Hope Zimmerman

Meagan Arthur

Joanna Sullivan

Justine Chien



  • Create a account


  • Reflect on your learning experiences since childhood.  This reflection is DUE NEXT MONDAY (AUG. 19).
    Requirements:  1) use multiple IMAGES to support your argument/ ideas.
    2) Write MEANINGFUL sentences; at least 3 paragraphs.
    3) Save as a Word document and send it to me before we meet next Monday.

These are the guiding questions:

    • List the most impressive experiences/ examples.
    • How do you learn something?
    • Who help you learn things?
    • In the past years, what has changed in your learning?
    • How does technology change the way you learn?
    • What’s the role of technology in your learning?
  • Work on your About. Me page.  This will be due NEXT MONDAY (Aug. 19).


  • If today is your first day in EDIT 2000, please complete the student information sheet before we meet again this Friday.  If you are in 1115 class, click here.  If you are in 1220 class, click here.
  • Create an About Me account!!

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