About Me Page



I know this is the first class you have in Aderhold (for some of you).  Hope this activity help you get familiar with the environment.  Let’s check what you have learned about Aderhold now.

  • finger food? coffee? pop?
  • check out any hardward you need for a project? (For non-educational majors, you need to print out your course schedule for OIT though).
  • If you need to print your assignment in the last minute?
  • Curriculum materials?  Journals?  Children’s books?


I learned a little bit about you by reading your student information sheet.  However, I still can’t remember your face and name yet.  Therefore, we are going to create the digital business card.

The tool we are going to use for this project is called ” About Me”.  Please go to their website–About.me and create your account.

After you created your account, they kind of guide you through the process.  Or you can simply click the “Edit Page” tab on the top of the page.  You can change the background, edit your information, add web links, add apps…etc.  You can choose to use your picture as the background to let people know you.  Or you can be like some people in the examples…choose to use a smaller picture of yourself to let people see your face. We will add more items as we move forward.

Here are some examples.

Hope Zimmerman

Meagan Arthur

Joanna Sullivan

Justine Chien

I want you to finish doing this in class today, so you don’t need to worry about this on the weekend.  We will do the self-intro page presentation in class next Monday.  So make sure you are here next Monday.  Don’t miss the presentation (one minute)!



  • Create a WordPress.com account.  You don’t need to post anything there yet, if you don’t know how to do blogging.  BUT if you DO know how to blog, feel free to do your first reflection in your WordPress blog and send me the link to your blog instead of a word document.
  • Read the “Meaningful Learning chapter 1” and “Horizon Report (p.3-10)”.  The reflections on these two articles will be due on Aug.26 and Sept. 9.


  • Make sure you know where to find the reading materials.


  • If today is your first day in EDIT 2000, please complete the student information sheet before we meet again this Friday.  If you are in 1115 class, click here.  If you are in 1220 class, click here.
  • Complete your About Me page and get ready for the presentation.
  • Send me your first reflection on your learning process by Monday.

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