About Me Page Presentation



Usually, I don’t count the first week attendance, because it’s the drop and add week.  So many students come and go in the first week.  However, who comes to all the classes in the first week will earn a late pass.

Sheet:
Starting from this week, you need to sign in when you come to class.  I will take away the sign-in sheet after 15 minutes.  If you are late more than 15 minutes, you have an absence.  If it is an emergency, you can talk to me.

Email communication:
I may not be fast in responding to your email.  But I like to let you know I get your message.  I usually will respond to you with a few words.  Therefore, if you don’t hear from me after 24 hours, please send me another email to check with me.


When you heard me talking about the presentation last week, how did you feel?  I think most of us will think that it will be a boring presentation.  It’s a 1-minute self-introduction that we do for every class every semester.  Right?  So, instead of doing that, let’s try a new strategy– Speed Dating!

Sadly, we don’t have enough boys.   Some of you need to pretend that you are the boys…so let’s get into two groups.  Then each person has one minute to share your About Me page to your partner.  Talk about the content, and the design…because everything you choose for that single page represents who you are!

You need to move to the next person when you hear the bell. Then after listening to all your partners, we need to vote who you want to date!  The winner will win a late pass.



  • Create a WordPress.com account.  You don’t need to post anything there yet, if you don’t know how to do blogging.  BUT if you DO know how to blog, feel free to do your first reflection in your WordPress blog and send me the link to your blog instead of a word document.
  • Read the “Meaningful Learning chapter 1″ and “Horizon Report (p.3-10)”.  The reflections on these two articles will be due on Aug.26 and Sept. 9.


  • Find a blog you like…we will talk about blogs in class this week.


  • If today is your first day in EDIT 2000, please complete the student information sheet before we meet again this Friday.  If you are in 1115 class, click here.  If you are in 1220 class, click here.
  • Send me your first reflection on your learning process if you haven’t.  In that case, you have a late assignment.
  • Submit the URL of your About Me Page.
    1115 students please click 1115 LINKS
    1220 students please click 1220 LINKS

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