Technology and 21st Century Learning



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How will you define 21st century learning?  You have completed a reflection on your personal learning experiences and read an article about meaningful learning with technology.  Do you find anything interesting to you?  Do you find any similarities between what you read and your personal experiences?

Here are some definitions about 21st century learning from some experts.

Barnett Berry, Founder and CEO of the Center for Teaching Quality
“Twenty-first-century learning means that students master content while producing, synthesizing, and evaluating information from a wide variety of subjects and sources with an understanding of and respect for diverse cultures. Students demonstrate the three Rs, but also the three Cs: creativity, communication, and collaboration. They demonstrate digital literacy as well as civic responsibility. Virtual tools and open-source software create borderless learning territories for students of all ages, anytime and anywhere.”

Karen Cator, Director of the Office of Educational Technology in the U.S. Department of Education
Success in the 21st century requires knowing how to learn. Students today will likely have several careers in their lifetime. They must develop strong critical thinking and interpersonal communication skills in order to be successful in an increasingly fluid, interconnected, and complex world. Technology allows for 24/7 access to information, constant social interaction, and easily created and shared digital content.”

Sarah Brown Wessling, 2010 National Teacher of the Year
“Twenty-first-century learning embodies an approach to teaching that marries content to skill.”

(October 11, 2010) How Do You Define 21st Century Learning? Retrieved from


After reading the meaningful learning with technology chapter and these short definitions, I want to challenge you more now.  You can see a lot of craft materials on each table.  Try to use these craft materials to create a visual representation of what you wrote or what you believe about technology in 21st century learning.  It can be a technology tool that you use, it can be some concepts that you believe, or it can be an adjective that you use to describe technology…etc.  Use your creativity!

Now, let’s share what you created at your tables.  Then each table needs to choose one to share with the whole class.

PART IV: VIDEOS ABOUT 21st Century Learning 

What Is 21st Century Education? (2’11)

The 21st Century Learners (4’01)

21st Century Skills in Action (4’48)



  • Read “Horizon Report (p.3-10)”.  The reflection will be due on Sept. 9.
  • Watch this video named “Digital Media: New Learners of the 21st Century” published by PBS (52’55).  This reflection will be due on Sep. 4.


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  • Watch the three videos about 21st century learning listed in today’s post before Wednesday’s class.

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