Web 2.0 Tool/ App Project


There are a lot of web 2.0 tools and apps now.  Many of them can be used in education to help us learn better or develop some new skills.  Have you tried some tools or apps that will be helpful for learning?

For this project, I want you to explore one NEW tool/ App that you have never tried before.  You are going to create an infomercial about a technology tool or app to help others to know how they can use this tool/ app to achieve some educational goals.

For example, there is a website called “Storybird”.  It is a website full of illustrations.  Users can choose their favorite illustrations to create their own stories.  This is helpful for literacy educators to help children develop reading skills or teenagers to be creative writers!  A lot of literacy teachers also found that working with kids on this website helps kids to be more creative.  So you need to promote this tool!

You are required to create a stop animation project.  What is stop animation? Stop animation, simply put, is just an animation technique.  You move the objects and take pictures of each move and then you edit all the pictures by using some software.  Let’s take a look at a few examples.  (I know they are made by professionals.  We are not expected to be that good, but again, no sloppy work please.)

Amazon Kindle Commercial

XBox Commercial


To create the stop animation infomercial, you need to at least do the following things.

  • Find good partners– creative, responsible, similar schedule, easy to meet with…(this project will take a lot of time and effort…so I will suggest that you work with at least one partner).
  • Choose a web 2.0 tool/ app you think that can help others achieve some learning goals.
  • Think about the plot– how you are going to introduce the tool/ app
  • Think about the materials–  what kind of materials you need to make this stop animation
  • Make the set-up.
  • Get a camera and a tripod.
  • Take pictures!
  • Sadly, Moviemaker is no longer available.  We need to use iMovie to edit your photos.  I will help you with the iMovie part.
  • Adding sound, background music…etc.
  • DONE!


  • How many people can be in a group?
    I changed my mind after talking to some of my peers.  Since this project requires your creativity, effort and time, get into a group no more than 3.
  • How long should this infomercial be?
    Usually, it’s about one or two minutes.  A few students made longer ones before.  I don’t expect long infomercials.
  • Can we use smartphone to take pictures?
    Yes, you can.  But the quality will be really really bad.  Strongly recommend that you use a digital camera, just the basic one will do a better job than smartphone.
  • How many pictures do we need?
    You may need only 100 pictures, or maybe 200.  One group set up the record for about 1400 pictures last semester.  TAKE MORE THAN YOU NEED!  The more images you have, the more smooth the film will be!
  • Do I really need a tripod?
    Most groups regret that they didn’t use the tripod after they completed the project.  They got a lot of blurred images.  Some of them even needed to retake the footage.
  • Do I really need background music?
    No, you don’t.  It’s totally up to you.  But you do need to talk!  Remember, this is infomercial, not commercial.  You need to talk about the product and help others to know where to find the product!

Our schedule for the next few classes:

Sep. 13 (Fri)– Dr. Deissler’s Talk
Sep. 16 (Mon)– Dr. Watson’s Talk

We don’t have time to talk about the project in class after today.  However, you need to find time to talk with your partner(s) online/ phone/ f2f to decide your infomercial plot and materials.  Come back on Sep.18 with preparation to make the set-up.  Don’t come back and say, Justine, what are we doing today?  Or Hey Justine, we haven’t decided yet!  If you come back without preparation, you start to lose your points for this project.

Sep. 18 (Wed)– Workday (work on your set-up)
Sep. 20 (Fri)– Workday (Work on your set-up/ take footage)
Sep. 23 (Mon)– Dr. Mathews’s Talk

You need to finish taking the footage you need when you come back on Sep.25.  Then you will have time to work on the editing.  So, MEET WITH YOUR PARTNER(S).

Sep. 25 (Wed)– Workday ( video editing)  (I will briefly talk about iMovie today)
Sep. 27 (Fri)– Workday ( Recording– NO  CLASS MEETING).  Work with your partner(s) in a quiet place to record what you need to say)



  • Think about your infomercial project.  Create online shared folders/ document to work with your partner(s).


  • Work on your reflection 5– visual literacy/ art in education. See materials/ requirements/ guiding questions on the Reflection 5 page.
  • Make three comments– one comment each on posts by three different bloggers.


  • Respond to the comments on your blog from your classmates.

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