Special Topic: School Library Media Specialists


We are interested in using technology to help people learn something.  That can be a job at K-12 educational settings!  Those special people are called school library media specialist.  However, what do they do at school?  How can I become one of them?  Today, it’s our honor and pleasure to have Dr. Christa Deissler share her knowledge in this topic with us. Dr. Deissler is a double Dawg and earned her master and doctoral degree in the field of instructional technology (what we call learning, design, and technology now).  Just like all of us, she also has an About.Me page.  You are welcomed to view her file HERE.



  • Reflect on what you heard/ learned from Dr. Deissler today.
  • Keep the dialogue you have with your peers in blogs.


  • Keep the discussion about the stop animation infomerical project with your partners.  Work on the development of the plot and preapre for the materials you need.


  • Work on your reflection 5– visual literacy/ art in education. See materials/ requirements/ guiding questions on the Reflection 5 page.
  • Come to class on time next Monday for Dr. Watson’s talk about multitasking!

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