Stop Animation Infomerical Workday



First of all, I want to say thank you all for having great discussion with both guest speakers.  And I want to apologize to all of you in the first class.  So sorry for the delay and thank you for being patient and showing your respect.  Dr. Watson was really sorry about that too, but he just has too much good stuff that he wants to share with you all.

I hope you get some more ideas about the mythologies in education.  For example, the myth of learning style was quite surprising to me when I heard that last year.  Also, I hope that you get to understand the biggest myth about multitasking in 21st century learning.  How much you can be distracted when several things going on around you…If you want to focus on your study, now you know how to create that learning environment.  And maybe you have better ideas to help your future students as well.


I figured out that a lot of you are still confused with the idea of using augmented reality in education.  Therefore, I want to spend a little bit time to talk about it before we “virtually” meet our guest speaker next Monday.

Please tell me what your understanding about augmented reality is.

You read the Horizon Report a few weeks ago.  Is Google Glass a kind of augmented reality?  Project Glass?  App?  Like the one created by Jim and his group?  There are a lot of augmented reality apps out there.  I want you to start searching, exploring, playing…because that is one choice of your final project. You can find the apps choices in the Web 2.0 tool/ Apps page HERE.

I am not good at augmented reality either; however, I think this is the trend that 21st century learning is moving to…so I hope we can all be the pioneers to play with this idea.

For the reflection 6, it is NOT due next Monday.  However, you need to finish reading two things before you come back next Monday (September 23).  That will help you understand what Jim is going to talk about.  It is really a wonderful chance to meet with a game designer.  Please follow the instruction for reflection 6.


Today and Friday will the two workdays for you to take footage of your stop animation infomercial project.  I hope you take advantage of this class time to work with your partners, since it will be harder for you to meet after class.

Just a reminder…the schedule for this project will be like this.

Our schedule for the next few classes:

Sep. 18 (Wed)– Workday (work on your set-up)
Sep. 20 (Fri)– Workday (Work on your set-up/ take footage)
Sep. 23 (Mon)– Dr. Mathews’s Talk

You need to finish taking the footage you need when you come back on Sep.25.  Then you will have time to work on the editing.  So, MEET WITH YOUR PARTNER(S).

Sep. 25 (Wed)– Workday ( video editing)  (I will briefly talk about iMovie today)

Gretchen might stop by today to promote something new to you. I will keep you all updated.

Sep. 27 (Fri)– Workday ( Recording– NO  CLASS MEETING).  Work with your partner(s) in a quiet place to record what you need to say)

Sep. 30(Mon)– Presentation.  Present your stop animation infomercial in class.



  • Keep the dialogue you have with your peers in blogs.


  • Create your timeline for the stop animation infomercial with your partners.  We won’t have a reflection due next Monday, so you will have time to work with your partners during the weekend if you need to.


  • Keep working on the stop animation project.

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