Stop Animation Infomercial Workday



Remember, our guest speaker will be talking about augmented reality next Monday!  It is a new trend and a lot of us still don’t have clear idea about it.  I want you to start searching, exploring, playing…because that is one choice of your final project. You can find the apps choices in the Web 2.0 tool/ Apps page HERE.

For the reflection 6, it is NOT due next Monday.  However, you need to finish reading two things before you come back next Monday (September 23).  That will help you understand what Jim is going to talk about.  It is really a wonderful chance to meet with a game designer.  Please follow the instruction for reflection 6.


Please keep working on your stop animation artifacts or keep taking footage/ or start to take footage.  Remember, when you come back next Wednesday, you need to have all the images for the animation.  You will NOT be able to work next Monday due to the guest speaker session.

Sep. 20 (Fri)– Workday (Work on your set-up/ take footage)
Sep. 23 (Mon)– Dr. Mathews’s Talk

You need to finish taking the footage you need when you come back on Sep.25.  Then you will have time to work on the editing.  So, MEET WITH YOUR PARTNER(S).

Sep. 25 (Wed)– Workday ( video editing)  (I will briefly talk about iMovie today)

Sep. 27 (Fri)– Workday ( Recording– NO  CLASS MEETING).  Work with your partner(s) in a quiet place to record what you need to say)

Sep. 30(Mon)– Presentation.  Present your stop animation infomercial in class.



  • Keep the dialogue you have with your peers in blogs.
  • Work on your reflection 6 (Due on Sept. 30).


  • find time to work with your partners if you can’t finish taking footage before next Wednesday.


  • Keep working on the stop animation project.

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