Special Topic: Augmented Reality in 21st Century Learning


After reading Horizon Report for years, I figure out that augmented reality is really an undeniable trend in education.  However, we are not familiar with it.  It is our pleasure and honor to have Dr. Jim Mathews with us today to talk more about augmented reality.  Jim and his colleagues developed this open resource education materials– Augmented Reality Interactive Storytelling (ARIS).  Everyone who has an iOS system device can download it and work with your students for free.  Jim described this kind of augmented reality application is like soft augmented reality that is proper and accessible for everyone.  He also said it is related to the idea of place-based learning.  So, let’s welcome Jim to share more about this concept with us today!



  • Keep the dialogue you have with your peers in blogs.
  • Work on your reflection 6 (Due on Sept. 30).


  • find time to work with your partners if you can’t finish taking footage before next Wednesday.


  • Keep working on the stop animation project– DUE on Sept. 30.

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