Stop Animation Infomercial Workday


I hope you all enjoyed Jim’s talk this Monday.  As I said, I think that kind of soft augmented reality technology tools will be the leading trend in the next few years.  I really hope we can be the pioneers!  But we will talk more about this after you are done with the stop animation project.

Today and Friday are the last two workdays for you all.  Please grab the opportunities to meet with your partners. I know mid-term is coming…so you may not want to meet with your partners after class.  Please remember that you are going to present your infomercial on Sept. 30 (Monday) without any excuse.

If you need to know how to do editing with iMovie, talk with me or download this Google Doc– iMovie instruction.

FOR FRIDAY (Sept. 27) and MONDAY (Sept. 30):


  • Keep the dialogue you have with your peers in blogs.


  • Keep working on the stop animation project– DUE on Sept. 30.
  • Reflection 6 DUE on Oct. 2.

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