Working on Blogs


We haven’t worked on each others’ blogs for a long time due to the stop animation project.  And I didn’t see many activities/ conversations on your blogs.  Therefore, we are going to spend the complete session to work on each other’s blogs.

You will be assigned to different groups to read and comment on your group members’ blog posts (reflection 3-6).  Make MEANINGFUL COMMENTS as well, please.  After that, you need to read the comments from others and respond to their comments.

What am I going to say to my peers?

  • Give comments on their ideas, thoughts, choices of images…etc.
  • Tell them whether you agree or disagree with them.  Why?
  • Can you give them some new ideas or directions to think about the topic?



  • Keep the dialogue you have with your peers in blogs.



  • Think about an essential question– a question you are always wondering/ curious about/ interested in; a question that is important in K-12 education/ higher education.
  • Reflection 7 DUE on Oct. 7.

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