Learning Adventure and Design Project(LAD Project)– Essential Questions



Let’s take a look at the rubric again.  Feel free to ask any question.  This is the first time I try to do this project.  There might be something that I couldn’t think about due to my own limitation.  If you see something that you are not sure or have better suggestion, please talk about it!  Thanks!

Now let’s take a look at the timeline.

Oct. 14– Google Site instruction (20-30 mins)
Oct. 28 and 30
— I will be in CA for a conference.  Don’t need to come to class.  BUT MEET YOUR PARTNERS TO WORK ON THE PROJECT. 
Nov. 4 and 6— Short Presentation for your LAD project progress for peers to give you feedback.
Nov. 18, 20, 22— Final Presentation for your LAD Project.

We will spend two more days (Oct. 18 and 23) to work on the peer comments on each other’s blogs.  

If you don’t have any more questions about the rubric and the time line, let’s move on to grouping.  I can take 4 people for this kind of big project.  But remember, you are a team working together.   At the end of this project, you will complete a peer evaluation sheet.  Your project WILL NOT be evaluated until you complete the peer evaluation sheet. 


How Can Fiction Convey Truth?

What Is Modern Day Slavery?

Where Do Nike Shoes come From?

Do You Have Manners?


We always say there is no dumb questions…we always encourage students to ask questions.  However, I do need to remind you that some questions are not appropriate for this kind of design project.  For example, if it doesn’t take student to explore, to analyze, to delve into some situations, then it won’t be a good question.

Grant Wiggins (2007) mentioned that an essential question should be questions that “any thoughtful and intellectually-alive person ponders and should keep pondering?” (quoted from http://www.authenticeducation.org/ae_bigideas/article.lasso?artid=53)  He gave out several good point to think about essential questions.  Let’s take a look at his ideas about essential questions.

So how are you and your partners develop an essential question?

Let’s see how a group of teacher and subject experts come up with their essential question for children?

Here is one way to help you develop your essential question:

  1. On an index card, write a question related to a topic about which you enjoy learning. For example, “what happened to the dinosaur?” or “why did the Titanic sink?”
  2. Work with your teammates and use a tubric to turn your question into an essential question.
  3. How good is your question? Use the essential question development checklist on the last page of this handout to see how well you did.

Once you decide your essential question(s), please tell me what it is.  Then you can keep working on that section.  Think about what subjects will be covered in that essential question and the importance of doing a project to solve the problem.

One way I will suggest to all of you for this design is— Don’t follow the order of the rubric.  Think about the idea of BACKWARD DESIGN. We do it all the time.  Think about cooking.  Do you go buy everything and start to think about what you want to cook?  No!  You have the recipe in mind first and then go buy what you need to cook.  You have the products in your mind first.  So try to think about what you want your students to learn first!  And then think about how you are going to make learning happen!!



  • Cheer for Dawgs!


  • Work on reflection 8– Project-based learning and Design.


  • For those who were absent last Friday, finish giving comments to your partners.  Others, read the comments you get and give appropriate feedback by Oct. 14.

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