Essential Question for LAD Project


So we are not going to talk about Google site construction today. We need to make sure that all of you have an essential question for your LAD Project before you leave class today.


  1. Tubric– If you want to use one of the Tubric to help you and your teammates to make your ideas into a good essential question, feel free to grab one.  But please return it to me before you go!
  2. Assessment Tool— This website is about assessment.  How can you assess your students?  If you do have trouble in thinking about something interesting to work on, start thinking about what kind of assessment you want to have for your learners.  Then maybe that will help you think about some good essential questions.
  3. Project-based Learning Database by BIE— You can search for projects.  This website is completely about PBL.  They have more hundreds of projects.  If you can’t come up with a good essential question, maybe you will find one from these projects.  Then you can design your own content.
  4. 20 Ideas for Engaging Projects—  Here are 20 ideas for PBL.  Maybe you can find a good one here.

There are two handouts at each table.  These handouts are for you to check your project and essential questions.  Are they well-developed?  After examining your essential question according to these two handouts and you are satisfied with the question, please talk with me and let me know your ideas and essential question(s).  Then you can keep working on other sections in the rubric.



  • Be CREATIVE for your LAD Project!


  • schedule the timeline with your partners for LAD project.



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