Google Site Construction


I think Google Site will be a better choice than WordPress.  However, if you are good at designing WordPress website, you can choose to stay with WordPress.  Just remember, the friendliness and the “flow” represented in your LAD Project website will also be evaluated.  You don’t want your learners to get lost in your adventure.


First of all, you need a Google account.  Please register one if you don’t.  Everyone in the team needs to have one, because ALL OF YOU need to have the access to edit the site.  Otherwise, it will become one person’s responsibility.

After you create or log in with your Google account, please go to GOOGLE SITE.  You will see an orange square on your left-hand side showing “CREATE”.  Click that tab and it will lead you to the next page.   On that page, you will see many different templates.  PLEASE CHOOSE THE BLANK TEMPLATE.  All the other templates will show in fixed frames and style that you need to know programming to change everything.  That will be very time-consuming and troublesome.

Screen Shot 2013-10-15 at 9.10.18 PM


Also, on that page, you need to give your website a name.  When you type the name, you will see that Google is putting that name as the url below.  In that case, make sure that you get the url first.  Most of the time, people will have hard time to find a usable url.  Once your url is decided, you can come back to give your website a proper name for this LAD project.

Below the url column, you will see the choice of “select a theme.  Click that tab and you will see the choices of the themes.  Find one that fits your topic and reader friendly.  And then type the matching word at the bottom of the page.  Once you are done with every choice on this page, go back to the top and click “CREATE SITE”.  It will lead you to the website home page.

Screen Shot 2013-10-15 at 9.19.50 PM

On the top right, you will see a tab with a pencil image, that means “edit”.  You can edit the page by clicking that tab.  After you click that tab, there will be a tool bar just like every word processing software.  you can type the content, change the font, font size, color, insert link, insert image or video…etc.  But remember that every time you change something, you need to click “SAVE”.   That will lead you back to the page.  If you need to edit, click the pencil image again.

The other image is a page image with a cross, that means “add new page”.  When you need to create a new page for different components in the rubric, you need to click that tab.

Screen Shot 2013-10-15 at 9.24.55 PM

After a new page pops up, you need to name the page.  Stay with the choice of “WEBPAGE”.  Also, stay with the choice of “Put Page at the Top Level”.  In that case, all you pages will be of the equal level.  You will need to change to put the new page under a certain page when you want to have a sub-page.  DON”T WORRY ABOUT THE ORDER OF THE PAGE on your left-hand side.  We will change the order of all the pages at the end of the design.

Name your pages CREATIVELY.  It DOES NOT need to follow the word I use in the rubric.  Make this LAD project interesting, creative, motivating to your target learners!

Another important thing is that the creator of the site needs to share the right to edit the site with your partners.  EVERYONE IS THE AUTHOR OF THE SITE.  When you are on any page, there is a BLUE TAB on your top right said “SHARE”.  Click that, and you will get the link of the site, you can change the access to the site.  At the bottom of this page, you will see “INVITE PEOPLE”.  When you type their email address you can change their right from “can view” to “is owner”.  Then he/ she will have the same right as you.

These are basic skills of making a Google site.  Now feel free to use the time to work on your design of the LAD Project.  Some people like to create pages on the site at the same time.  Some people like to work in Word first and then paste everything later when they are ready.  You have the right to choose how you do the work.  But DO USE THE CLASS TIME TO WORK WITH YOUR PARTNERS.  I don’t want you to waste the class time chatting…



  • Be CREATIVE for your LAD Project!


  • Enjoy your week off for reflection and keep working on your LAD project!


  • Reflection 8 is DUE TODAY!
  • If you OWE me LATE PASSES, you need to bring them to me this Friday.  After this Friday, you will only get half of the grade for each late reflection.
  • Come to class on FRIDAY to work on reading other people’s reflections and give comments.  This is also a class, not optional.




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