LAD Draft Presentation


Today and maybe part of Friday’s class will be the presentation time.  However, before the presentation, I want to spend a little bit time talking about the interactive whiteboard.


Based on the suggestions from Dr. Rieber in our program, there are four levels of using SMARTBoard.

Level 1: Using your finger as the mouse.
Open your PPTs, your Web sites, whatever, then walk over to the SMART Board and simply interact with them there.

Level 2: Using the Ink Layer to annotate or mark up the screen.
Pick up a pen to activate the Ink Layer. Think of it as a thin sheet of transparent film that has magically appeared and is covering the screen. Saving annotated or marked up pages is a good first use of the Notebook software.

LEVEL 3. Using SMART’s Notebook software to capture one or multiple pages of traditional whiteboard notes.
Imagine using a traditional whiteboard and wishing you could save the notes you or your group just took. And, just as one board fills up, imagine immediately having another whiteboard wheeled into the room for you to use. The SMART Notebook software gives you this ability.

LEVEL 4. Using SMART’s Notebook software to create presentations, lessons, and activities.
The SMART Notebook software is really a powerful authoring tool. Think of it as PowerPoint, but where individual objects can be manipulated while the presentation is running. Create activities and interactive multimedia by inserting text, graphics, photos, and video on as many slides (or pages) as you wish. Use the Notebook Gallery to access clip art and interactive ‘widgets’ (e.g. timers, games, and animated activities).

There are some activities sample in the Notebook software.  It is easier to edit these activities on your personal computer than on the real SMARTBoard.  It’s also easier to start making your teaching materials by using the templates in the Notebook software.  Therefore, try to play with some of the activities.  Or, you can go to SMART Exchange to see more examples and download some templates.

Here are some tutorial videos about using features in Smart Notebook.

  1. A 2-minute tutorial on using the Gallery in Notebook.
  2. 2-minute tutorial on Page Sorter in Notebook.
  3. A 2-minute tutorial on object animation in Notebook.

Or you can watch these tutorials made by the Smart company.


First of all, let’s talk about the documentation.  Last week, only a few of you updated the documentation.  I am not sure what the problem is…so let’s make everything clear.  PLEASE ASK ANY QUESTION YOU HAVE ABOUT DOCUMENTATION NOW.

  • Documentation is more like a to-do list.  You need to write about your feeling/thought about this LAD project.
  • Documentation is due on WEDNESDAY every week like all other reflections.  Since last week is a confusion, let’s make it a two-week documentation.  You need to write a documentation for last week and this week.
  • Documentation should be on your blog.  If you work as a team, it could be the same one on each of your blog.  However, you are welcome to add more personal thought/ideas//feedback.

Hope you all are ready for the presentation.  This is not a formal presentation, but please GIVE CANDID FEEDBACK TO YOUR PEERS!  This is the time to help your peers understand what a learner might have question/difficulty/challenge or what they might like about the project you designed.  So please make sure that you tell them your likes and dislikes.  Then they will have another 2 weeks to revise or modify the things.

Now let’s decide the order for the presentation.  What we are going to do is to play a game on SmartBoard. Let me explain the game to you.



  • Keep working on the documentation and the LAD project.


  • Work on Reflection 9 about SMARTBOARd.


  • Present the draft for your LAD project– you must have at least something in every section!!




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