Get Ready for the Final Presentation



  • I hope the group talk and the peer feedback are helpful for you to see where you are in this long learning process about how to create a project-based learning lesson.  Remember, this is a learning process.  A learning process is not always fun, happy and successful.  However, only when you go through it will you remember the learning!
  • An interesting article– Why Johnny Can’t Write, and Why Employers Are Mad…I hope you will appreciate that you did a lot of writing in this class.  When you go for a job interview, remember to include your blog to show others your opinions about technology in education.


  • When will you know the order of the presentation?
    • Next Monday.  BecauseI don’t want anyone to take advantage of the order and have extra working hours.  Every group’s website should be complete and finished by Monday’s class.  The only bad thing about this is that some of you might need to dress up twice next week.  So EVERYONE COME TO CLASS WITH PRESENTATION DRESS CODE NEXT MONDAY.  If it turns out that you are not presenting on Monday, then you need to dress up again. Sorry about this.
  • So how about dress code?
    • I believe you know what a formal presentation should be like, right?
    • eveninggowns
    • dress code women what to wear in the office
    • anna_blog2
    • Male_dress_code_in_Western_culture
  • How long is the presentation?
    • You tell me, please.  Thanks!
  • What do we talk about in our presentation?
    • In the draft presentation, you talked about your design and how you develop the ideas.  However, in the formal presentation, you need to imagine that all of us ARE THE STUDENTS WHO MIGHT WANT TO TAKE THIS PROJECT WITH YOU.  So you are trying to recruit students.  You have the right to decide what to cover, which video should be played and which example should be pulled to explain the project better.
  • Any other question about the final presentation?


We have five class periods left and I only plan to use four of them.  Come to class next week (Nov. 18, 20 and 22) so that you can see every group project and evaluate them.  Then all of you need to come to class on Dec. 2, the last day of this class. We will select the best overall student for this class and have a potluck together.

1115 Potluck Planner

1220 Potluck Planner



  • Sign up for the potluck.


  • Work on your final documentation– reflect on the complete LAD project.
  • Work on your last reflection–reflect on EDIT 2000 and technology integration in education (Due on Nov. 22)


  • Reflection 9 is DUE today.
  • Complete your LAD project and get ready for the final presentation.

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