LAD Project Final Presentation


All of you are going to present your LAD Project this week (One group in 1115 class will be presenting on Dec. 2).  Here are the links to your websites.

1115 CLASS

A is for Australia

Global Warming

Go Green in 2014: Protecting the Environment One Step at a Time

Dream Vacation

Overly Dedicated Passion

Just a Bill Sitting on Capital Hill

Safely Swim

1220 CLASS

What Makes a Healthy Student?

Life and Careers

Taking on the World: One Word at a Time

Are You a Defensive Teen Driver?

Purposeful Poetry

Lebron V.S. Jordan

What Should You Do As Presenters?

Present your final project like you are trying to recruit us to take your project.

What Should You Do As the Audience?

  • Be critical!!   Check whether they have included all the requirements in the rubric.
  • Pay attention!!  Do they make a good presentation?  Is the presentation interactive?
  • Think about learning!!  Will this be a good learning adventure project for the target students like you?  Do you want to take the project with them?



  • Sign up for the potluck.


  • Work on your last reflection–reflect on EDIT 2000 and technology integration in education (Due on Nov. 22)


  • LAD Project presentation
  • Work on your final documentation– reflect on the complete LAD project.





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