First Day of EDIT 2000 Spring Semester 2014


While you’re waiting for class to begin, please complete the following tasks.  Thanks!

  1. Make a name card and draw one thing that represents you on the back of your name card.
  2. Get to know at least one of your classmates’ name and his/her drawing.
  3. Complete the student information sheet.
  4. Complete the enrollment information form.


What is this class about?
It’s about meaningful learning with technology and finding the intersection of learning, design, and technology in K12 learning environments.  You can view the syllabus for more of the fine print – but that’s the main idea of the course.

Who is your instructor?
My name is Szu-Yueh Justine Chien.  Feel hard to pronounce my Chinese name? Then you can just call me Justine.  I am currently a doctoral student in Learning, Design, and Technology program at UGA.  I was an English teacher in a high school in Taiwan before.  In addition to that, I also taught in elementary schools, middle schools and a college before.  I just LOVE teaching!  I came to the States to learn more about technology integration because I hate seeing my students learning the same textbooks I used in high school.  I want to help foreign language learners to fall in love with whatever foreign languages they are learning.  The advancement in technology can help so much in language education, I believe.  Feel free to check my page. You can follow me at Twitter or Facebook.

What materials do you need?
There is no textbook. We’ll have readings in our class Dropbox folder or I will assign the reading materials on the specific assignment page.

You will need access to technology– your own laptop or check on from the lab.

You’ll need to be willing to think about issues in education, even though you might not be planning to teach in the traditional sense.

You’ll need an open mind and a willingness to try things you thought you couldn’t do. You’ll also need to be able to work independently – as this is a fast-paced course that requires your full participation. That means sometimes having to figure out something on your own – rather than waiting to get the answer from me or a classmate.

If you think you have these ready, then you are pretty much set for this semester.

What will you be doing this semester?
You’ll be learning more about technology tools that you can use in your life now. And you’ll apply what you’ve learned to a K-12 classroom setting or to your own learning.  All of these will be done through project-based learning approach. Don’t know what that is? I promise you will soon get the idea. You’ll be doing a lot of work, you won’t be bored, and you certainly won’t hear yourself saying, “when am I ever going to use this?”

What are the buzzwords and phrases you should just go ahead and memorize?

  • Meaningful Learning with Technology
  • Learning, Design, and Technology (LDT)
  • National Educational Technology Standards (NETS)
  • Technological, Pedagogical, and Content Knowledge (TPaCK)
  • 20% Time/Genius Hour (20% Design Project)
  • Project-Based Learning
  • Critical Thinking and Problem Solving
  • Communication and Collaboration
  • Creativity and Innovation
  • and keep this image in mind!



Do you have any questions about the syllabus?  I will answer all your questions now.

Here are some questions from previous students.

  • Freedom–  The topics of the projects are totally up to you. You can be consistent with one topic throughout the whole semester. You can change from project to project.  You just need my approval for some projects.
  • Video Editing– I try my best to eliminate the portion of video editing, because I know it’s time-consuming.  We have at least one project– Web 2.0 tool/ Apps Project– related to video editing.
  • Late Pass– how can you earn late passes?  There are several ways…Birthday boys and girls can get one.  Good works will help you earn one.  How many can you earn? You can ear as many as possible.  And how many can you use for one project?  You can use up to two for one personal individual project and only one late for group project.  ATTENTION: the last date to use your late pass is April 10.  That means no late pass for the 20% Design project.
  • And one thing I didn’t put in syllabus is about our communication.  I will ask you to provide your primary email account next week.  I use email as a main channel to communicate with my students.  However, please email me by 10 PM unless it’s an emergency.  Sometimes my students email me after midnight or in the morning and tell me that they need something for the course projects.  I am sorry that I can’t get it prepared for you in that case.
  • Another thing about email communication: I may not be fast in responding to your email.  But I like to let you know I get your message.  I usually will respond to you with a few words.  Therefore, if you don’t hear from me after 24 hours, please send me another email to check with me.
  • Sign-in Sheet:
    Starting from next week, you need to sign in when you come to class.  I will take away the sign-in sheet after 10 minutes.  If you are late more than 10 minutes, that counts as an absence.  If it is an emergency, you can talk to me after class.


I will learn a little bit about you by reading your student information sheet.  However, it will be easier for me to remember you when I see your name and face together.  Therefore, we are going to create an online business card.

The tool we are going to use for this project is called ” About Me”.  Please go to their website– and create your account.

You can see a few examples HERE.


  • Create a account.  You don’t need to post anything there yet, if you don’t know how to do blogging.  BUT if you DO know how to blog, feel free to do your first reflection in your WordPress blog and send me the link to your blog instead of a word document.
  • Read the “Horizon Report (p.3-10)”.  The reflection on this article will be due on Jan. 21.


  • Finish the reflection on the Meaningful Learning Chapter 1.  You can find this article  in our shared Dropbox folder.  The requirement for this reflection is listed HERE.


  • Complete  the student information sheet and the enrollment information form before we meet again this Thursday.
  • READ the syllabus.  Ask questions about syllabus if you have any this Wednesday.  Otherwise, I will assume that we reach the agreement on Thursday.
  • Think about what you want to compose for your About.Me page.

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