Introduction to Blogging



  1. If today is your first day in EDIT 2000, please complete  the student information sheet and the enrollment information form.
  2. I need your full attention when you are in class.  Please don’t Facebook, Pinterest, online shopping…If this becomes a problem, I might need to have the one screen policy (the big screen) as well.
  3. Some thoughts after reading your student info– privacy, challenge, fun, work load and time management.


Each of you read the “Meaningful Learning with Technology Chapter 1”.  I want you to write down a few take-away and share with the whole class.  One idea on ONE sticky note.  You can write as many as you want.  Then put your sticky note on the whiteboard in the back of the classroom.


Have you seen the movie “Julie and Julia”?  One of the main characters is a blogger.  The reason why she is famous?  Because she keeps a blog by trying out the most famous French chef’s recipe.  Blogging is a new way to learn more about yourself and the world.  In EDIT 2000 this semester, you are required to keep a personal blog mainly in response to the readings, the projects, and ideas we share in this course.  You also can keep a journal there to record your learning process.  I don’t expect everyone to have blogging experiences in the past, but I am hoping that you will use this space to become a creator of media that others can learn from.  Anyone wants to share a blog you like?

Before we talk about the criteria for a well crafted blog posting, let’s take a few minutes and brainstorm the potential benefits of blogging for facilitating communication and collaboration among people.  What advantages do you see in blogging versus sending responses directly to the instructor? Who is your audience? What makes a good blog?

Now, let’s make a criteria for evaluating your blog this semester.  You can add the criteria in this Google Doc. 

Now it’s time to create your blog.   Make sure that you go to instead of  They have another site for business (I think).  After you create an account, it will ask you to confirm the account via your email.

Once you are in, you need to create a new blog.  Choose a name for your blog address– the URL.  Once you make the decision, they will ask you to customize your blog.  You can name your blog, change the theme, choose the widgets you like…etc.


  • Setting up site
  • Dashboard functions
  • Creating pages
  • Creating posts (choose the “new post” tab on the top right or use the dashboard mode)
    • Insert media (photos, video, files, etc.)
    • Creating a link
    • Select different fonts and headings
    • Adding tags to posts
  • Change your blog title (if you want to)
  • Customize your blog
  • Transfer your first reflection to your blog
  • Add your WordPress blog to your About Me page (either an App or a link)

** If you still have questions about WordPress blog, feel free to email me or watch this tutorial on YouTube.


When you heard me talking about the presentation last week, how did you feel?  I think most of us will think that it will be a boring presentation.  It’s a 1-minute self-introduction that we do for every class every semester.  Right?  So, instead of doing that, let’s try a new strategy– Speed Dating!

Sadly, we don’t have enough boys.   Some of you need to pretend that you are the boys…so let’s get into two groups.  Then each person has one minute to share your About Me page to your partner.  Talk about the content, and the design…because everything you choose for that single page represents who you are!

You need to move to the next person when you hear the bell. Then after listening to all your partners, we need to vote who you want to date!  The winner will win a late pass.



  • Read the “Horizon Report (p.3-10)”.  The reflection on this article will be due on Jan. 28.




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