Web 2.0 Tool Commercial Red Carpet Premiere



Have you ever thought about making a film and walking on the red carpet?  Today, you are going to talk about your infomercial as a movie director!  Let’s see how creative you and your peers are!

Make sure that you do the following:

  • Show the commercial
  • Talk about benefits and pitfalls of the tool (what you like and will change to make it better)
  • How individuals can use it for personal learning or future classrooms

Now, let’s vote for the Oscar winners!


Before we move on to the next set of ISTE standards: Creativity and Innovation – we’re going to spend a little bit time to talk about our 20% projects and your personal blog: how to make your documentation and your posts better and how to connect with others doing similar projects.

The first thing we want to do is find out what everyone is working on. While most of you have posted your 20% project topics on Twitter – some face-to-face conversations will go a long way towards refining your research question and your project goals. We will spend some time in class today sharing your ideas.  And this time, please submit the form again.  The previous one was so messed up!

Once we know what everyone is working on (and isn’t it amazing how much your projects have in common?), we need to spend some time thinking about what the expectations for the 20% project will be. But I want you to have input on what should go in the rubric. So we’ll spend some time brainstorming what makes a good 20% project and a personal blog.

Here are some resources to make your blog better:

Using Titles Effectively

Components of high quality blog posts

10 Steps to writing a successful series on your blog

The 4 pillars of Writing Exceptional Blogs


Thanks for your suggestion on Tuesday.  Due to the snow days, we have a lot of things that we need to change or catch up with.  So I also want to hear your voice. If there is something both you and I can do to make this class back to normal or even better, let’s do it.  So…please complete the mid-semester evaluation.  Thanks!



  • Start to think about your “Expanding Your Learning Cycle”Project  (See description in my previous email).
  • Check the reflection topics and start to read the materials.


  • Comment on your partner’s blog posts.


  • Reflection on Commercial is due TODAY
  • Turn in the self-evaluation rubric for commercial before you leave TODAY
  • 4th reflection is due on March 4.

WEb 2.0 Tool Commercial Workday


Today is the workday for your Web 2.0 tool commercial.  I will walk around and check with you, since some of you still haven’t sent me your ideas!!

You have the whole class session until 3 pm today and then I will wrap up the class.

Video Editing Assistance

Here is the iMovie instruction for this project.

For general issues,you can log in on LYNDA.com at UGA with your UGA MyID to see the tutorials for iMovie and Movie Maker (search for “iMovie Essential Training” or “Movie Maker Essential Training”).

Also, remember these tutorial videos for Jing–  Jing tutorials here and watch this video to learn how you can create Jing videos.   A Jing tutorial for EDIT 2000 Commercial can be found here.

If these are not enough, then remember your best friend– YouTube and Google.

How Do I Upload the Videos?

If you are using iMovie or Movie Maker or other software except for Jing, make sure you export/save your movie file in either .MOV (iMovie) or .AVI (Movie Maker) format so we can upload your video to Youtube.  in iMovie, you can choose to export to YouTube.  For Movie maker, you need to log into YouTube and upload the file from your computer.

If you are using Jing, remember that you are saving via screenshare and will get the url automatically when Jing is done saving your video in their database.

You need to present the video and your personal reflection on this project by Thursday. What should you write in your reflection and talk in your presentation?

Presentation of the Commercial (It’s a presentation!  Don’t wear running shorts or sports Ts)

  • Show the commercial
  • Talk about benefits and pitfalls of the tool (what you like and will change to make it better)
  • How individuals can use it for personal learning or future classrooms

Reflection on the Commercial Project

This should be completed separately by each group member if you work as a group.  Whoever uploads the video to YouTube should send the link to each group member.  Then, each group member should write a reflection about the commercial project on your personal blog. On your blog, you should

  1. take a screenshot of your commercial
  2. write a short description of your video– talk about your video, why you choose this tool, how long you have been playing with the tool, features you like and probably need to be changed, how can others use this tool for personal learning or their classroom  (at least one paragraph with meaningful sentences).

  3. provide a link to your video

  4. provide a link to the official website of the tool
  5. write your reflection– how you feel about doing the commercial? Is this the first time you edit a video like this?  Or you are already familiar with it?   Describe the frustration and excitement you have in the video making and editing process, eg. finding the tool, taking pictures, thinking about the storyline, adding music and narration, etc.  (at least one paragraph with meaningful sentences).

Evaluation of Web 2.0 Tool Commercial Project

Use this rubric to check whether your commercial is complete and follow all the required guidelines.



  • Start to think about your “Expanding Your Learning Cycle”Project  (See description in my previous email).
  • Check the reflection topics and start to read the materials.


  • Comment on your partner’s blog posts.
  • Start to work on the 4th reflection due next Tuesday (March. 4).


  • Complete the form about your 20% design project and commercial project if you haven’t!
  • Get ready to present your Web 2.0 tool Commercial this Thursday (Feb 27).
  • Post your reflection on Web 2.0 tool commercial on your blog by Thursday.
  • Turn in the rubric sheet for your Web 2.0 Tool Commercial before we meet this Thursday (Feb. 27)
  • Tweet your 20% Design Project questions and ideas to #edit2000 and @ JChienUGA

Catch up with Everything!


Wow! Two weeks off for EDIT 2000.  That is a big gap.  So, fasten your seat belt!!  We will move on in full speed!


  • We are not meeting this Thursday.  THAT IS A WORK DAY FOR YOU TO WORK ON YOUR PROJECT!  Don’t ask me which project you should be doing…because you actually have a lot of projects that you can work on. Please be responsible for your own learning!
  • Make-up Day: The university scheduled the Saturday to be the make-up day, but I am not going to use it.  We will just shorten the work time in class for the rest of the semester.


Each of you need to take one piece of paper and stay with the peers who have the same color. You need to write your own answer to the question posted on the inside of the paper.  Please leave your name with your answer! After you finished answering the question, you need to pass your paper to your peers. At the end of the activity, each piece of paper should have answers from every group member.  Each group needs to give a one-minute summary talk of your answers to the question to the whole class.  Then, I will swap the papers among all the groups.  You will take another piece of paper to see other people’s answer to their questions.  Then you need to answer the questions on both sides and turn it in. 


I still haven’t got all your description about the commercial. Please complete this FORM before you leave the class today if you haven’t!!

You are making this commercial to let others know that they can use this tool to teach others.  Therefore, your audience might be other students, teachers, parents…

Think about the tool you want to promote and the way you want to promote it.  You kind of need a storyboard or  a simple draft presentation.  Here are several things that you need to think about the infomercial:

  • Who is your audience?
  • What are the features of the tool?
  • Why would teachers, administrators, parents or even students use this tool?
  • How do you draw your audience’s attention?


Some of you will make your commercial similar to a movie trailer.  In that case, iMovie template will help you.  If you want to borrow the iPad mini from us, please SEND ME AN EMAIL TO LET ME KNOW YOU WANT TO BORROW IT. 

Some of you will use still images to compile your commercial.  In that case, we can simply use iMovie as well.  But some of you mentioned that you want to use still images and the website itself to talk about the tool.  In that case, you might need to use screenshot software.  What we used before is the free software– JING.  It is convenient and easy to use.  However, there are several tricks.

First, you need to download Jing and make sure it works.  With the free version you can only record 6 minutes or less. We want to stick to less than 3 minutes.  You’ll likely want to test out Jing a few times to make sure everything is recording properly.

You can have your tool as the screen image the entire time you are talking about the tool or you can have some PowerPoint slides or other images to use along with the actual tool.

External microphones are great if you don’t have a very loud voice.  If you don’t have a microphone or headset, you can check one out from room 232 Aderhold (you’ll need your student ID). If you are not an educational major, they will tell you that you are not eligible to check out any materials.  However, you can check anything you want if you show them the course schedule in your Oasis to prove that you are enrolled in EDIT 2000.

Now I am going to talk about how to use Jing. If you miss today’s class, view Jing tutorials here and watch this video to learn how you can create Jing videos.  I also made a tutorial before.


The most tricky part of Jing is the way to share the videos and you really don’t want to mess up at this point.  Otherwise, you need to redo everything.  Just remember: DO NOT SAVE THE FILE in .swf FORMAT.  Instead, SAVE THE FILE THROUGH SCREENCAST. 

Also, when you are waiting for JING to upload your file to Screecast, do not do copy and paste for other projects at the same time.  Otherwise, you might lose the link forever.

We will shoot/make/edit the commercial video on Feb. 25 and everyone needs to present the final product on Feb. 27.  Remember that you have this Thursday to work with your partner (if you have one or two) to develop the content for the commercial.  Don’t come back next Tuesday and tell me that you haven’t thought about it!  You know that will lead you to a late assignment grade.

Another thing I want you all to pay attention is to be creative, especially those choose “not so new” tool! 



  • Start to think about your “Expanding Your Learning Cycle”Project  (See description in my previous email).
  • Check the reflection topic and start to read the materials.


  • Comment on your partner’s blog posts.  (I will jump into your discussion starting from this week, because I didn’t see many of you doing the work!)


  • Documentation for 20% Design project is due this Friday (Feb.21).
  • 3rd reflection is due today (If you haven’t posted, you are already late!)
  • Complete the form about your 20% design project and commercial project if you haven’t!
  • Finish your commercial by Feb 27.
  • Tweet your 20% Design Project topic to #edit2000 and @ JChienUGA

Prepare for the Web 2.0 Tool Project and The Design Project


REMEMBER:  We WILL NOT meet this Thursday.  However, it DOES NOT mean that you have a day off.  You need to work on your projects when we don’t meet in class.


I want to make some clarifications based on the conversations I had with several of you.

1. Learning– It needs to be related to learning.  You design something to help others learn something.  For example, if you think your elementary school teachers are not good at technology, you can design an activity or a short lesson to help them learn to use technology.

2. Design– it does not mean that you are going to design a program, an app, a new technology tool.  You are given the role of a designer– a game designer, a curriculum designer, an activity designer, a book writer, a manual writer, an illustrator.  There are many things that you can design.

3. Technology– Technology is the tool.  You can choose a technology tool to work on.  For example, remember the ARIS example.  You use the ARIS App (the technology tool) to design a game/ activity for others to play and learn at the same time.  Technology can also be your final product.  For example, you want to create a website for parents who want to learn more about how technology can help children learn.

Choose a topic related to Learning, Design, and Technology that interests you the most.  Then you need to do research on it and design a product related to the topic.

Tweet your possible topic to #edit2000 and #jcedit2000.


Starting from this week, you are going to document your 20% design project.  20 % Design Project is a personalize learning project.  What is personalize learning? It is a learning process that connects your interest and the skills you need.  Let’s read the first three pages of THIS ARTICLE together (You can also find it in the reading material folder).  You will need to finish reading the rest of the article and then use some ideas in the article to complete your first documentation.

Your first documentation can be– why you choose this topic, why it is important, what is is interesting to you, what your goal is, what you want to do (basic ideas).  If you can, use some of the ideas in the article to talk about your design project.

Here is an example of the first documentation for your Design project.


Find a technology tool from our resources page or just search online today.  You need to play with it this week.  After playing with it, you need to start thinking about the commercial content for the tool.

What makes a good commercial?  Think about what you watched this past Sunday.  Is there any good Super Bowl commercial that surprised you?  Which one do you like the most?  Why?  Most of the time, we like it or remember it because there is a story in the commercial.  Also, repetition is an important element for commercial.  You need to help your audience remember your product.  This project challenges you to be creative to communicate with others who want to learn more about new technology tools!

Come back next Tuesday and start to work on your commercial.  You can choose to make it like a movie trailer (iMovie 11 can make that job easily done).  You can choose to edit several video clips or use some still images to make it.  Have your commercial content/ story ready next Tuesday.  We will spend next Tuesday working on the Web 2.0 tool project in class.


  • Read the resources in the Teacher Boot Camp website IF YOU WANT THE BONUS POINTS.  We will talk about this on Thursday.
    • You will see 5 important issues in education.  They are very important.  Think about this: each of you is from a different background, has different interests, and different motivations for learning — a lot like the students you will teach.  However, we just don’t have enough time to talk about them in detail in EDIT 2000.  Therefore, I want to challenge you all to complete the “Teacher Boot Camp”.
    • Choose the topic that you would like to learn more and read/ watch the materials on that page.
    • Then you’ll need to complete the handout as you work through each page.  Fill out one handout for each concept.  You MUST TURN IN THE HARDCOPY to earn the bonus points.  The worksheet doesn’t need to be typed.  You can write your answers.  Some students even drew on the worksheet to answer the questions before.
    • Each concept is one point.
    • Turn them in on Feb. 4 to ear the bonus points.


  • Keep working on your Design project–find the topic, think about what you want to do…etc.
  • Watch the video “Is School Enough?” published by PBS in Sep. 2013. The reflection will be due on Feb.11.  The requirements are HERE.


  • Work on commenting your partner’s blog post.  Some of you haven’t done any commenting.
  • SUBMIT the form of the topics you choose for your projects if you have already decided.
  • Come back with the idea and materials you need to make your Web 2.0 Tool Commercial.  If you come back with nothing to do or just ready to start to think about the content about your commercial next Tuesday, your Web 2.0 Tool project will be marked as a late assignment.  A late assignment can only achieve 80% of the final grade. 
  • Finish your first documentation for the 20% Design Project by Friday (Feb.7).