WEb 2.0 Tool Commercial Workday


Today is the workday for your Web 2.0 tool commercial.  I will walk around and check with you, since some of you still haven’t sent me your ideas!!

You have the whole class session until 3 pm today and then I will wrap up the class.

Video Editing Assistance

Here is the iMovie instruction for this project.

For general issues,you can log in on LYNDA.com at UGA with your UGA MyID to see the tutorials for iMovie and Movie Maker (search for “iMovie Essential Training” or “Movie Maker Essential Training”).

Also, remember these tutorial videos for Jing–  Jing tutorials here and watch this video to learn how you can create Jing videos.   A Jing tutorial for EDIT 2000 Commercial can be found here.

If these are not enough, then remember your best friend– YouTube and Google.

How Do I Upload the Videos?

If you are using iMovie or Movie Maker or other software except for Jing, make sure you export/save your movie file in either .MOV (iMovie) or .AVI (Movie Maker) format so we can upload your video to Youtube.  in iMovie, you can choose to export to YouTube.  For Movie maker, you need to log into YouTube and upload the file from your computer.

If you are using Jing, remember that you are saving via screenshare and will get the url automatically when Jing is done saving your video in their database.

You need to present the video and your personal reflection on this project by Thursday. What should you write in your reflection and talk in your presentation?

Presentation of the Commercial (It’s a presentation!  Don’t wear running shorts or sports Ts)

  • Show the commercial
  • Talk about benefits and pitfalls of the tool (what you like and will change to make it better)
  • How individuals can use it for personal learning or future classrooms

Reflection on the Commercial Project

This should be completed separately by each group member if you work as a group.  Whoever uploads the video to YouTube should send the link to each group member.  Then, each group member should write a reflection about the commercial project on your personal blog. On your blog, you should

  1. take a screenshot of your commercial
  2. write a short description of your video– talk about your video, why you choose this tool, how long you have been playing with the tool, features you like and probably need to be changed, how can others use this tool for personal learning or their classroom  (at least one paragraph with meaningful sentences).

  3. provide a link to your video

  4. provide a link to the official website of the tool
  5. write your reflection– how you feel about doing the commercial? Is this the first time you edit a video like this?  Or you are already familiar with it?   Describe the frustration and excitement you have in the video making and editing process, eg. finding the tool, taking pictures, thinking about the storyline, adding music and narration, etc.  (at least one paragraph with meaningful sentences).

Evaluation of Web 2.0 Tool Commercial Project

Use this rubric to check whether your commercial is complete and follow all the required guidelines.



  • Start to think about your “Expanding Your Learning Cycle”Project  (See description in my previous email).
  • Check the reflection topics and start to read the materials.


  • Comment on your partner’s blog posts.
  • Start to work on the 4th reflection due next Tuesday (March. 4).


  • Complete the form about your 20% design project and commercial project if you haven’t!
  • Get ready to present your Web 2.0 tool Commercial this Thursday (Feb 27).
  • Post your reflection on Web 2.0 tool commercial on your blog by Thursday.
  • Turn in the rubric sheet for your Web 2.0 Tool Commercial before we meet this Thursday (Feb. 27)
  • Tweet your 20% Design Project questions and ideas to #edit2000 and @ JChienUGA

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