Web 2.0 Tool Commercial Red Carpet Premiere



Have you ever thought about making a film and walking on the red carpet?  Today, you are going to talk about your infomercial as a movie director!  Let’s see how creative you and your peers are!

Make sure that you do the following:

  • Show the commercial
  • Talk about benefits and pitfalls of the tool (what you like and will change to make it better)
  • How individuals can use it for personal learning or future classrooms

Now, let’s vote for the Oscar winners!


Before we move on to the next set of ISTE standards: Creativity and Innovation – we’re going to spend a little bit time to talk about our 20% projects and your personal blog: how to make your documentation and your posts better and how to connect with others doing similar projects.

The first thing we want to do is find out what everyone is working on. While most of you have posted your 20% project topics on Twitter – some face-to-face conversations will go a long way towards refining your research question and your project goals. We will spend some time in class today sharing your ideas.  And this time, please submit the form again.  The previous one was so messed up!

Once we know what everyone is working on (and isn’t it amazing how much your projects have in common?), we need to spend some time thinking about what the expectations for the 20% project will be. But I want you to have input on what should go in the rubric. So we’ll spend some time brainstorming what makes a good 20% project and a personal blog.

Here are some resources to make your blog better:

Using Titles Effectively

Components of high quality blog posts

10 Steps to writing a successful series on your blog

The 4 pillars of Writing Exceptional Blogs


Thanks for your suggestion on Tuesday.  Due to the snow days, we have a lot of things that we need to change or catch up with.  So I also want to hear your voice. If there is something both you and I can do to make this class back to normal or even better, let’s do it.  So…please complete the mid-semester evaluation.  Thanks!



  • Start to think about your “Expanding Your Learning Cycle”Project  (See description in my previous email).
  • Check the reflection topics and start to read the materials.


  • Comment on your partner’s blog posts.


  • Reflection on Commercial is due TODAY
  • Turn in the self-evaluation rubric for commercial before you leave TODAY
  • 4th reflection is due on March 4.

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