Slowmation Project Wrokday


Today is another workday for your Slowmation…Please finish the second and the third mission!  If your group needs a quiet place to record your narration, please let me know and I will take you all to my office.


Once you are done with the storyboard, you can work on making the props and taking pictures.  Some people like to make all the props first and then take pictures.  But, MOST PEOPLE DO BOTH AT THE SAME TIME.  It is just easier to do it at the same time.


I hope we can finish taking pictures today.  When you come back on Thursday, we will spend some time editing the video.

Here is the instruction for using iMovie to make this Slowmation.

Please make sure that you finish mission 4 before next Tuesday!

MISSION 4 (Before next Tuesday):

Before you present your Slowmation next Tuesday, you need to complete a reflection on your blog with these items:

  • A link to your video
  • Introduction to your video– topic, grade level, why this topic, etc.
  • How will this video help them understand the concept?
  • What are the difficulties that you have encountered in this project?
  • How can we improve this project?
  • How do you see this kind of student creativity project play a role in 21st century learning? How does this project help you develop creativity and communication with others?

Also, each group needs to turn in a hard copy or an electronic copy of your storyboard to me next Tuesday. 

If your group finish earlier in class, please talk with me about your idea for the expanding your learning circle project. Thanks!




  • Check with me about the Expand your learning circle project if you are not sure whether your choice is a good one
  • Work on the 20% Design Project


  • Finish your Slowmation and the reflection on Slowmation Project
  • Turn in your storyboard
  • Work on Reflection 6 (Due April 3)
  • 20% Design Project Documentation Due April 1
    Answer this question:
    Talk about your timeline–  April 22 will be the presentation for your 20% Design project.  What short-term goals you want to achieve before the final presentation?



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