Learning Adventure Project Workday


Please keep working on your learning adventure project and check with me if you have any question.  You are going to present the project next Tuesday and Thursday.

What You Need to Do to Turn in the Learning Adventure Project:

  1. Post on your blog
  2. The url/link to your learning adventure project website
  3. Answer the questions:
  • Describe the experience of constructing a website.
  • How do you see this kind of learning adventure project help others learn?
  • How do you use technology to help you design this project?  (use search engine? how to be selective? use social network?)
  • How is this collaboration experience?  (Do you think this experience is different or as what you experience in other classes?  How do you communicate with your teammates in and out of class?)


  • Keep tweeting!


  • Work on your Reflection 6 (DUE on April 17)


  • Work on the 20% Design Project– the guiding questions for your next documentation (DUE April 15):
    • Do you use social media/network to learn about your projects from other professionals?  If you do, describe how that works in the process. If you don’t , go find one on Twitter or FB or someone’s blog to gain some understanding about your project.
    • What is the benefit for the users/learners after they use/participate/learn with your design project/product?  What do you expect them to learn from you?
  • Comment on your partner’s reflection 5 and 7 (everyone needs to have at least two comments– that means a dialogue.  The other class will also work on this.)
  • Get ready for the LA Project Presentation

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