Learning Adventure Project Presentation


You are going to present your Learning Adventure Project today.  Here is the scenario:

We are coming to a orientation where you, as a learner, are trying to find some interesting topics that you can learn it online on your own.  Following the instructions on the website will help you learn about the idea.  So, remember, no one has seen your website before today.  How are you going to introduce this topic to a group of people who might be interested in learning about this topic with you?  You have 10 minutes to recruit your learners.  Make sure that you talked about concept and make it clear enough to your audience.

Audience:  Please give detailed and critical feedback to each group.  Give them the grade and then give them some praises and suggestions!

FOR THURSDAY (April 17):


  • Keep tweeting!
  • Prepare for the 20% Design Project Showcase
  • Finalize everything you have done in EDIT 2000.  Create links to your blogs, videos, websites on your About.Me Page. Make it a professional page to introduce your portfolio for the final day of the class.  The one who creates the best portfolio will win a prize!


  • Work on the last Documentation for your 20% Design Project— An Official Introduction and Conclusion
    Answer the questions:
    ** What is the topic?
    ** Why is this topic important TO YOU?
    ** What is your end product?  Give a short description of it.  Provide images of your end product, links to the end product, etc.
    ** What have you learned by designing this project?


  • Work on your Reflection 6 (DUE on April 17)
  • Comment on your partner’s reflection 5, 6 and  7 (everyone needs to have at least two comments– that means a dialogue.  The other class will also work on this. Their reflection 5 and 7 were due before last week.  Their reflection 6 is due on the same day.)

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