20% Design Project Showcase


Today is the 20% Design Project Showcase.  Please find a table where you can present your end product.  Some of your end products will be digital.  Make sure that you pull the website, digital poster, PPT…on the screen and every external link and video works for the presentation. Some of you might have real objects to show to the audience.  Please make sure that you have enough space to demonstrate your end product.  We will separate the whole class into two groups.  So everyone has the chance to see other people’s work.

Due to the diversities of the project, we don’t have a set rubric to evaluate everyone’s work.  However, each of you need to vote for the top three design. Please remember to cast your vote!


It will be our last class on Thursday.  You will take a look at each other’s works done in EDIT 2000 this semester and do a final self-evaluation.

We usually end the class with a potluck.  If you want to bring your famous recipe (of course make it for everyone to taste), you are welcomed to bring the food!  We had cookies, brownies, meatballs, dessert from other countries before…Come and celebrate the end of the semester!



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