Last Day of Class~


Today is our last day in EDIT 2000…but we will still be very busy!


We will spend the first half of the class to see each other’s work.  Please pull out the page where you put everything together for others to see. Some of you use your blog, others use About.Me maybe?  We will just walk around the classroom to see what everyone has done so far.


Remember we did a student information sheet in the very beginning of this semester and you told me how comfortable you were with using technology in learning?  I want to see how this class help you!  Please fill out THIS FORM to tell me how comfortable you are with using technology in learning after this semester.


Some of you mentioned that you enrolled in this class because you heard people talk about it…so if we ask you to use one tweet to describe EDIT 2000 to others, what will you say?  Let’s do the last tweet about EDIT 2000!


I know this is a hard semester to all of you in EDIT 2000.  With so many projects and less time, I feel like I am a mean teacher who always pushes you to do hard work! I know some projects are still in the testing stage and made it rough to you.  Thanks for trying new things with me, thanks for walking out of your comfort zone and challenge yourself…

I also know I ask a lot, like dressing up for presentation, share your ideas with others, draw or take pictures by your self…because I believe that a person is not merely learning knowledge and skill in the classroom.  When you are in a classroom with a teacher and other students, you are learning from all of them as well.  There are so many things that textbooks won’t and can’t teach you…so I have to make those things obvious to you…I have to push you to learn those proper attitude and characteristics.  So thank you all for understanding that.  I hope you learn more than using technology in this class and I wish you all a brilliant future no matter wherever you will end up with.  Enjoy but be responsible to your life, explore the world, and make impacts on others!

I “wrote” some words for each of you and you need to use technology to read it.  Go to THIS PAGE and scan the QR Code under your name… then you will see it!  Another thing is…I want to take a picture with all of you before we say goodbye!


We always need to know how we do in the process of helping you learn something new.  If I didn’t do it well, please let me know.  If there is something you think I am doing well, please also let me know.  Thanks!

The College of Education will not send the result to me until late summer, so whatever you say in the evaluation WILL NOT influence your grade.  Please don’t worry about it.  Please click the following image that will lead you to the page.  You just need to log in with your UGA MyID.

Screen shot 2013-12-02 at 8.44.41 AM



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