EDIT 2000 is a project-based course.  You might do some projects by yourself. You might work as a group.  What is more, you might even work with people in another country!  Therefore, get ready for all the projects.

The orange-colored projects are ongoing activities (semester long).  There might still be some flexibility to adjust the percentage assigned to each project or the content of the projects.  I will keep you updated.

  • 5 % — About Me Page (Online Self-Introduction)
  • 20 % — Personal Blog and Comment on Peers’ Blogs– Reflections on projects/ readings/ personal experiences
  • 5% — Social Network Project (Twitter is the decision!)
  • 5 % — Web 2.0 Tools/ Apps Presentation Project (Explore NEW tools.  I don’t want to see multiple skype, twitter, facebook…etc.)
  • 10% — Stop Animation Project
  • 10% — Expand Your Learning Circle Project
  • 15 % — Learning Adventure Project (Develop an online learning adventure for K-12 students around a specific topic)
  • 20 % — Design Project (Design the products for your interest to help others learn what you want them to learn)
  • 10 % — Attendance and Participation (Miss no more than 2 classes/ come to class prepared and willing to discuss readings, progress on projects, personal reflection posts…etc)

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