Expanding Your Learning Cycle Project


This project is asking you to re-design an assignment or a presentation you have in another class (or this class) with creativity.  Think about this……Is there one project that you feel that you want to do it another way?  Or is there a project that you think “Oh, what if we do it with the help of technology?”  So start to think about ONE assignment in another course (or this class) and think about doing it with the help of technology…It might be that you want to make a digital poster, or an infographic, or use Vine to make a short instructional video…

For example, you are taking a food nutrition class.  Then you can create something similar to the infographic on this website to tell people to decrease the intake amount of sugar.  Or you want to create a digital poster…then try what Haley recommended in her commecial– the Glogster.  Or there is a bad PPT presentation made by a professor…that PPT is out-of-dated and not visual appealing at all.  So you want to re-design it for him/her.

Just think about what assignment you want to re-design and what can be the alternative way with the help of technology.

You need to provide the previous bad example and your re-designed product to show us the contrast.  

Here is the rubric.


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