1st Reflection: Meaningful Learning with Technology Chapter 1 and Your Personal Learning

Reflection on “Meaningful Learning with Technology Chapter 1″
and Your Personal Learning


1. Before you read the article, write a paragraph about your personal learning and technology.  Then read the article.

2. After reading the article, you need to:

    • Write at least 2 paragraphs (with meaningful sentences) to answer 2 out of the following 4 questions.  HOWEVER, if you have a strong argument or a great idea that you want to address, you don’t need to answer the guiding questions.  But it need to be GOOD/MEANINGFUL ideas or arguments.
    • Take/ Draw pictures (at least 2 images) to support your argument or ideas.  The images need to be your property.

3. Type your reflection in Word document and turn it in by Tuesday, January 14.

Guiding Questions for the reflection on “Meaningful Learning Chapter 1”

    • What is the big idea or takeaway you had from the Meaningful Learning with Technology chapter?Is it a new idea or something you believe already?
    • Is there anything that surprises you? What is it?
    • Has any ideas in this chapter changed your idea about using technologies in education?  What is that idea and why?
    • Which of the skills described in this chapter are most important to you as an educator? Which are most important to comprehending and being able to apply ideas in your discipline?

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