3rd Reflection: Is School Enough? (PBS Video)

Material:  Watch the video “Is School Enough?” published by PBS in Sep. 2013.


  • Video record your reflection on this video.  You can simply go to YouTube and record with your web-cam installed in your laptop.  You can find the instruction here.
  • Embed the YouTube video in your blog.  The instruction is here.
  • Answer the guiding questions.

Guiding Questions:

1) Which character is the most impressive?  Why?

2) Think about what we learned about 21st century learners in the articles and now in this video.  Are you a 21st century learner?  If you think you are, give some examples.  If you don’t think you are, what can you do to make yourself more like one?  Think about this question: How do you see yourself as a 21st century learner when comparing to the characters in the video?

3) If you are an educational major/ a tutor/ a summer camp leader/ a children Sunday school leader, what will you do to help children develop as 21st century learners?

4) What is the role of technology in the characters’ learning processes?  How do you use technology in your own learning then?


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