4th Reflection: Visual Literacy


Life on the Screen: Visual Literacy in Education

The Eyes Have It: Potent Visuals Promote Academic Richness

Media Literacy Is Vital in the Age of the Image


After reading the three articles, please think about your past learning experiences.  Is visual literacy part of your experiences?  For this reflection, please use at least TWO different visual representations to tell us how you think about visual literacy in 21st century teaching and learning.

The visual representation can be your own drawing, painting, a song, a short video clip, a video you make, pictures you take, a comic strip…etc.  There are some other creative ways to do it.  You might re-write the lyric for a song and record your own singing.  You might make a digital/ traditional poster…Please record or type your reflection along with the visual representations.  Be creative to show your reflection visually!

Here are the questions (please at least write 2 paragraphs with meaningful sentences):

  • Why is visual literacy important in 21st century teaching and learning?
  • Visual literacy is so common in our daily lives…Can you give some examples?
  • As a 21st century learner and some of you will be future teacher, how would you help yourself or others to develop visual literacy?
  • Do you think keeping this blog with different visual representations is challenging? Why or why not?  In your own words, describe how this experience influence your visual thinking and writing?

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