6th Reflection: Augmented Reality


Augmented Reality: Introduction and Definition

Augmented Reality: Coming soon to a School Near You?

The Latest in Mobile Apps: Augmented Reality Art, Historical Walking Tours and Woodland Adventures


At least TWO paragraphs with meaningful sentences and CREATE at least TWO  images to support your ideas/ thoughts/ argument.  Use your own images…

After finish reading the three articles, I hope you have more ideas about what augmented reality means.  For this reflection, please write a paragraph about how you see the pros and cons of using AR in 21st century teaching and learning.  And then find an AR app.  You can play with it or read its description.  Then write another paragraph to briefly talk about how you will use that AR to help yourself or others learn about something and how you see this will change the 21st century teaching and learning.

Here are some AR apps.  Or you can find some more on the resource page.

Here are some guiding questions:

  • What are the advantages and disadvantages of using AR in education?
  • Do you have any experiences in using AR before?  If yes, do you like it and could you describe your experience and why you like it?  If not, will you be willing to try it?
  • What kind of changes will AR bring to your life in the future?
  • Describe your experiences in working on the AR App (ARIS) in class. (your thoughts, feeling, etc)
  • How do you see yourself as a learner in the ARIS activity?



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