5th Reflection: Games in 21st Century Teaching and Learning


When it comes to games in education, you can not miss these two masters!

Jim Gee on the Use of Video Games for Learning about Learning

Kurt Squire on Civic Engagement Through Digital Games

And here is a teacher doing what they suggest!

Why Teachers Use Digital Games and Why Schools Teach Gaming


Please reflect on the articles/ videos and answer the following guiding questions.  Write at least 2-3 paragraphs and create images (taking pictures or draw pictures) to support your ideas.

  • Not merely computer games, is there a game that teaches you a lot of knowledge?  What is it?  Why do you think it helps?
  • Why is gaming so popular in 21st century learning and teaching in your opinion?
  • How can you use the idea of gaming to help yourself or others learn in 21st century learning?
  • If you are an education major, please tell us what you think about gaming before and after reading the materials.  Also, will you choose to use game tin your future instruction?  Why or Why not?

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