2nd Reflection : Horizon Report

Reflection on the Horizon Report.  There are two different files.  Choose the one that you are interested in knowing more about.  In the past, most educational majors will choose the K-12 one, while non-education majors usually choose the Higher Education one.  


    • Write at least 3 paragraphs (with meaningful sentences).
    • Use at least two IMAGES to support your arguments and ideas.  At least one of the images need to be your own picture or drawing.
    • Post your reflection on your blog by Jan. 28.

Guiding Questions for Your Reference:

  • Do you agree with the trends listed in the report?  Do you see those trend in your life or in K-12 education as they described?  Can you give one or two example?
  • How will these new technology trend influence your personal learning?
  • How do you feel about the challenges mentioned in the report?  Are they challenging to you? How will you overcome them?  Choose one and think about one solution!
  • Among all the technologies to watch, which one is the most interesting one that makes you want to try?  Why?

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